Government Benefits

Video lottery can be efficiently implemented and begin generating revenue for governmental entities within a short period of time.

Gaming with Integrity

Closely regulated and monitored, this gaming technology supervision gives Southland credence as an operator committed to lottery integrity and responsibility.

Community Reinvestment

Southland Gaming makes contributions to a wide variety of local charities, church programs, and other local organizations as part of its mission to develop a positive and active role in the community.
“The key to Southland’s success has been its commitment to understanding the needs and goals of its commercial and government customer base.”
– Robert E. Huckabee III, CEO

The VLT Business Model

Southland procures and deploys VLTs at approved local business locations that then complete thorough training programs designed and conducted by Southland.

Community Reinvestment

Southland is proud to directly support local charitable organizations from revenues earned from its video lottery operations.

A Caribbean Success Story

Following legislative approval, Southland Gaming began operation in 2003 and has significally surpassed the goals of government officials in the USVI.
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