Gaming with Integrity

Closely regulated and monitored, our gaming technology supervision gives Southland credence as an operator committed to lottery integrity and responsibility.

John Humphrey

VP of Products & Services


John Humphrey, Director of Products and Services for SGVI, has served a key leadership role for this growing organization since 2002. He was recruited from the Airline Industry to join an SGVI affiliate company in 1998, and since that time he has become proficient in management of gaming equipment. He has played an integral role in coordinating, delivering, and properly installing machines across three states and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

With a focus on ensuring total equipment compliance with local and federal guidelines, he ensures proper working conditions by continuously staying abreast of all operations; he orders updates, schedules repairs, and monitors installations. John built and currently manages a team of 10 qualified team members, including technicians, route collectors, and sales representatives. He frequently travels to each location, working closely with SGVI leadership to maintain the highest level of excellence across the organization.

From 1980 to 1998, John was a loyal employee of Piedmont/USAir, currently US Airways, working in locations throughout North Carolina. He learned every aspect of the industry, serving in such roles as Station, Shift, and Passenger Service Supervisor, and Customer Service Agent. He grew professionally during this pivotal time in his career, leading teams, monitoring performance, and adhering to strict budgets, all while maintaining a safe environment and smooth operation.

John has pursued several professional development courses: Creating Impressions of Excellence, Person to Person, Interaction Management II, Putting People First, and Interaction Management. He is well-rounded leader, known for his hands-on management style.

In addition to his dedication to SGVI, he is also devoted to the spiritual and emotional growth of young people. John is a volunteer for several youth organizations, including acting as a coach for Little League and basketball teams. Most notably, he co-led three mission trips in 2005, 2006, and 2007, each with over 15 participants. Through teamwork, they worked diligently for worthy causes, rebuilding structures and helping disaster victims-all of which had a lifelong impact for the leaders, the youth, and the people they served.

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