Gaming with Integrity

Closely regulated and monitored, our gaming technology supervision gives Southland credence as an operator committed to lottery integrity and responsibility.

Testing & Certification

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) is an independent firm that performs testing and certification services for governments worldwide with respect to electronic gaming platforms. GLI certification is the industry standard for the conduct of reliable and secure electronic gaming. All of SGVI’s VLTs and its certified Central Monitoring System (CMS) are fully certified by GLI and can be independently tested and verified by any number of other independent testing and auditing firms.

VLT Retailer Certification

As directed by video lottery Rules and Regulations, SGVI recommends as a requirement that all VLT Retailers complete a detailed orientation program prior to installation of VLTs at the approved location. This training includes the following areas and is conducted by experienced SGVI employees:

  • Legal Requirements: Detailed training on the rules and regulations pertaining to the video lottery system, and in particular, those regulatory requirements enforced at the point of play, such as age restrictions.
  • Communications Requirements: Required typical telecommunications phone line or data connection.
  • Collection Procedures: Procedures for physical collection of VLT funds, and documentation of revenue collection to be verified against CMS records.
  • Game Play, Operation and Ticket Redemption: Game play instruction, VLT troubleshooting, and prize redemption and documentation.
  • Loans and Credit: Strict admonition against providing credit or loans to players for purposes of playing the video lottery.
  • Security: Requirements and best practices for preventing attempts to tamper with gaming or interfere with prize pay-out and revenue collection.
  • Advertising and Promotions: Requirements pertaining to permissible promotion of VLTs.
  • Responsible Gaming Program: Mandatory participation in widely-used responsible gaming program.

Retailer compliance with SGVI’s Retailer Training Program is regularly audited by SGVI employees, as well as by Government regulators.

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