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Closely regulated and monitored, our gaming technology supervision gives Southland credence as an operator committed to lottery integrity and responsibility.

Jessica Elliott

Director of Marketing


Jessica Elliott is Director of Marketing for SGVI. In this capacity, she formulates, directs, and coordinates the marketing and design efforts of the company to promote its products and activities. While working in close coordination with the entire management team, she actively works with local and international media to advance the current and future activities of SGVI.

Jessica holds a Bachelors of Science degree with a minor in Graphic Design form West Virginia University. Her work experience has included roles that required her to represent her company’s or agency’s interests and to further their goals while also garnering wide public support and customer loyalty. As a result, she has cultivated an ability to interact with people on several different levels simultaneously, maintaining awareness of both client and company needs. Jessica also has extensive experience with staff and contract talent supervision and mentorship, building corporate strength by helping them realize success in their roles.

Jessica’s greatest asset is her ability to put herself in the shoes of current and potential clients. She uses varying points of view to ensure that the products and activities promoted by SGVI have strong appeal to a wide client base. Her superior organizational skills combined with her broad experience with promotional activities, marketing campaigns, material development, and material production make her particularly well-suited to represent SGVI.

Jessica and her family reside in Wilmington, North Carolina. In her free time she can be found on the sidelines of her children’s sporting events or holding her own on the volleyball court. She enjoys photography as a way to capture the beauty of her hometown and to experiment with digital design tools.

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